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Department: School of Architecture
Insitution: University of Arizona
  Tucson, AZ

The School of Architecture at UArizona has long been a leader in sustainable design in resource-constrained contexts. Due to its location in the Sonoran Desert, the School has pursued strategies for living in and stewarding arid lands for decades, while also promoting an architecture of structural innovation, material experimentation, and service to local communities. The professional B.Arch program is currently ranked 9th by Design Intelligence among similar programs at public institutions and 23rd among such programs at all institutions. It is by far the largest program in the school and college, with more than 435 students. It is now accompanied by a still-growing M.Arch program and a newly re-launched MS.Arch program, together enrolling more than 40 graduate students. All these degrees carry the federal STEM designation. In addition, the school contributes courses to several other undergraduate and graduate programs and Architecture faculty have joint appointments or courtesy appointments in nine other programs, among them the Arizona Institutes for Resilience, UA Institute on Place, Wellbeing and Performance, the School of Information, the School of Art, and several Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs.

The school boasts a longstanding design-build program, spacious studios, a large and well-equipped materials lab, regular study abroad offerings, and a growing program of fundraising. Our engaged faculty (20 full-time and 20 part-time), award-winning pedagogies, active research programs, and commitment to educating an increasingly diverse student body make the school a rich setting for experimentation and leadership in the design and study of the built environment. Read more about the school at

The College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture issued a CAPLA Strategic Plan in 2019 and the research profile of the college, publication output, and grant revenues have grown strongly as a result. The college contributes to the land grant mission of the university in part through the Drachman Institute, which facilitates community planning and design via outreach projects focused on design-build, water infrastructure, and more. Finally, we are a recognized leader at UArizona for our equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts; on this, see For additional information on all these facets of the college and our commitment to building a changing world, visit:;; and In addition to the degrees listed above, the college offers several Graduate Certificates and dual degrees. Recently, it launched a microcampus program in Lima, Peru ( and and is contemplating other international partnerships.

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